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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to make Merigold - Genda Phool

Merigold = “Genda Fool “

Now how to make it and materials required:

Materials Required:
1. Tissue Paper (Toilet Paper) of various colors

2. Silver wire (flower making wire)
3. Green tape
4. Artificial leaves (or made by u)

How to start with:

1. Firstly cut a piece of silver wire as per the length required by you.

2. Take the tissue paper role.

3. See the dotted lines on paper.

4. Cut from 8th no of dotted lines

5. Two fold from the centre.

5. Repeat it. 4 fold from centre then 8 fold from centre.

6 Cut from both corners.

7. Now fold in zig zag motion It should look like this

8. Put silver wire in centre and fold around the paper.

9. Now twist the wire such that it will perfectly bound the paper in centre expand the paper to give it a shape of flower.

11.push the layers upward , towards the centre such that it may hide the silver wire in centre. It will make the petals.

12. repeat it for all layers. it will look like this.

13. At the end give shape of petals using scissor.

14. Now stick green tape around the twisted wire to get the shape of stems.

15. Put the leaves on stems.
16. Similarly make more such flowers in various colors and arrange them beautifully in flower pot.

I hope everyone will try out this art work and share with me.
“Sasural Genda Fool”
How is it ?
Comments Please :)

-Priyanka Kureel

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