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Friday, January 22, 2010

Stocking Flowers

Stocking flowers, the most beautiful and creative one. Its a very interesting craft that you can try out. The main thing you will need for making stocking flower is lot of aluminium wire as everything you need to make is with the wire itself....


Materials Required:
1. Stocking Cloth (different colours)
2. Aluminium wire
3. thread
4. Pips (different colours)
5. Green tape


Take a piece of Aluminium wire.

2. Take object. (as u want, for shape of your petals

 3.  Wrap aluminium wire around the object. Like this..

 Think of the petal of any flower that you would like to make, take a piece    aluminium wire and make the shape and size of the petal with the wire.

Tie both the ends of wire tightly and now take stocking cloth and cover the wire completely. 


5. Make sure the stocking cloth is stretched completely so that it looks like shaded cloth and tie the end tightly. In this way make as many petals you want for flower.


6. Take some 4-5 pips.

7.Tie it using a piece of aluminium wire or thread..

8. Arrange petals one by one to the wire.



                In this way you can come out with this beautiful creation.-


U can also use this procedure......For this one..

                                                                  1. Take wire or stick.

                                             2. Take cotton, top of the wire in round shape.

                                               3. Take stocking cloth and cover the cotton..

 4. Tie it with thread

                                                                      5. Tie pipes..

                                                                    6. use green tape..





I Hope u will try these flowers very soon....



  1. WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  2. superb method to make beautiful flowers very easy method n also materials

  3. awesome collection.. thanks for sharing...

  4. woooow Wonderful thank you so much for Idea :)

  5. from where u get this stocking material?

  6. I really love it I will try them for a wedding