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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glass Painting

The special thing about glass painting which makes it unique with other type of painting is that you have to draw in INVERT ( i.e. draw in mirror image of whatever u r drawing). The drawing work has to be done in opposite side(i.e. at wall hanging side or opposite side of actual view of painting) of the glass in invert manner.

Today I m going to show u that how u can make three different kind of glass paintings...since I was ill for last few weeks thats why it took so much time to update my BLOG. I brought all these materials from DEHRADUN during my medical checkups..Now lets start...........

Material Required:-
1. plain glass (transparent, thin)
2. fabric colour( black)
3. brush ( Zero no.,4 no.)
4. Trace 5. silver foil
6. CD marker( Thin permanent marker)
7. Glass colours( optional)

8. Dry sparkle colours( optional)

9. Fevicol

10.Glass marker (black tube colour)

Different types of Glass Painting:-

TYPE 1: Using glass colours

Step 1:

click on picture 2 enlarge

put a trace paper on front side of d glass and draw using marker or glass tube marker on d wall hanging side of the glass

Step 2:

Thus u can complete the trace on glass to make a outline of glass painting..

Step 3:

Now fill the appropriate colour to finish the glass painting

Since i lost my own created this type of painting so i arranged this 4 you from RESHMI

TYPE 2: Using silver foil & Fabric colour(black)

Follow the same steps 1,2 said above to get the outline of the glass painting...
Just change the step 3 instead of using glass colour, use the silver foil and Black Fabric colour on the remaing part of the painting to finish it. It will look like this....

Loving Rain

LOVE Birds


TYPE 3: Using dry sparkles

Follow the same steps 1,2 said above to get the outline of the glass painting...
In step 3 use dry sparkle colours( firstly stick fevicol where u want colour with the help of brush and spread colour equally with the help of yr fingers and remove extra colour) and black fabric colour to finish the painting.

प्रियंका ..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canvas painting

awaiting 4yr comments..

Watt painting

1. Bukram or any synthetic cloth
2. fabric paint
3. brushes..

shading on face and little bit on cloths is required.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Painting on Bukram cloth

Material required:-
1. Bukram cloth
2. Fabric colour(Red,white,yellow,green)
3. Brush(1,2no.)
4. Trace